• Lease Buyouts

MST represents landlords that receive low-ball offers. We review your Cell Site Lease Agreement for FREE and provide you with your options and inform all clients what we can achieve for them. Most Cell Site Lease Agreements have a Right of First Refusal, this isn’t a negative factor, what-so-ever. You can always tell who in the Cell Site business has more experience when they state the “ROFR” isn’t favorable to the landlord. The “ROFR” benefits you the landlord. It means that any party that presents an offer to purchase your lease agreement, the lessee can match said offer. If you receive a Lease Buyout don’t hesitate to contact us, ASAP.

  • Lease Negotiations

MST represents hundreds of clients nationwide who have been contacted to lease their property for a Cell Site. Our experience and relationships achieve clients: signing-bonuses, revenue sharing, favorable termination language, CPI or 3% annual increases and a much higher monthly rent. Before you sign a Cell Site Agreement, contact us!

  • Lease Re-Negotiations

Companies like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and others are sending landlords letters to decrease their rents. Just as in new Lease Negotiations, we reach out to the Company (lessee) and achieve the landlord the best deal. Before you sign anything contact us!

  • Cellular Marketing

MST works directly with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and tower companies nationwide. We are familiar with each carrier’s footprint, along with thorough understanding of their yearly budget. We present the landowner’s property to key individuals within those companies. If you have a property for a new cell site, please contact us with the following; property address, property zone, available lease area, distance from road & power source. It’s extremely important that we have all the above information in order to properly qualify your property. We will review your property for FREE!