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Better Business Bureau 


Great company, professional in every way. Wish all companies were on there level.

Ricky F., South Carolina

Alex was the most professional, personable and honest person to deal with. He kept us well informed and increased our monthly rent by $1300 with a much larger signing bonus. It was true pleasure to work with his company.

Heather, Philadelphia, PA

We hired Mr. Alex Blasscyk in February of 2017. We are pleased with the outcome. December 2017 we received our $25,000.00 signing bonus that he negotiated up from the original offer of $750.00 from Verizon. Merry Christmas to Alex and his company.

Kim P., U.S.A

Alex did such an amazing job we are now purchasing additional properties for him to represent us on. Thanks again, Alex.

Stacy, U.S.A

Alex works hard for all of his customers. Never came across a nicer guy to work with. In today’s day and age 99% of companies are all about the money. Not alex he actually cares. I recommend him to anyone.

Jack, South Carolina

We are still in the early stages of our Project with Main Stream Telecom, But So far our experience has been excellent. Alex has been very responsive to our Questions and inquiries and has provided Excellent answers and guidance.

Steve, Logan Twp, New Jersey

We are also currently in the early stages of our Project with Main Stream Telecom, but so far our experience has been nothing short of spectacular! Alex has been so on top of things my wife and I still can’t believe we didn’t find his company earlier in the process! I have begun to pass along his company’s information to all my family and friends. I am also looking for more properties to do business with him! Nothing short of a outstanding service!

Antonious, Alabama


Robert and I are soooo fortunate in getting connected with Alex Blasscyk of Main Stream Telecom. He was immediately responsive to our questions to help us in making a decision. We were impressed with Alex’s professionalism and his genuine interest in assuring we were satisfied. The best part is that we now have a new friend – a friendship that will continue to grow!

Emily, Baltimore, Maryland

Alex Blasscyk is a true professional. Thank you again and again for facilitating us to help our family.

Darlene, New York

From top to bottom, Mr. Blasscyk exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend their services when dealing with Verizon.

Jimmy, Dallas, Texas

I was apprehensive when a cell tower company approached me to put a tower on my property. I contacted Mr. Blasscyk and he answered me right away, he is very prompt, if he can’t answer my calls, he always calls right back or texts me. This man will work hard for what you deserve, he knows what he is doing. If you are looking for honest representation, look no further, I highly recommend Alex Blasscyk and MST.

Jennifer, Rosamond, California

ECO SITES offered me $1200 a month. I contacted and hired Alex Blasscyk who did an out of this world job! My husband and I signed the lease agreement this past week for $1800 a month with a $5000 bonus. I would highly recommend MST & Mr. Blasscyk!

Debbie, San Rafael, California


I am so thankful for Main Stream Telecom. The company enabled me to get the best offer available for my cell tower lease. I am glad that I chose them because my other offers were extremely low.

Linda, Mission Viejo, California


I was very impressed by Main Stream Telecom’s professionalism and manner. Without them, I would have never gotten a $3,500 signing bonus, and could have chosen an offer that was not right for me.

Maria, Austin, Texas


When I first contacted Alex, he was a no-nonsense type person. Straight to the point, and told it as is. I didn’t believe he could do what he was saying, until it was done. After three months of jumping through hoops with American Tower, my family and I walked away with $750,000 after receiving a substantially lower offer from American Tower. The professionalism that Alex treated me with makes me consider him a friend today.

Richard, Walnut Creek, California


AT&T contacted me to lower my monthly rent payment. I contacted Main Stream Telecom to represent my family. They did everything they told me they were going to do, plus more. I received a $5,000 option payment when I wasn’t offered anything. I would highly recommend working with Main Stream Telecom. 5 stars, thank you so much.

Dionne, Orlando, Florida


We hired Mr. Blasscyk to handle the lease negotiations with Verizon for a building in San Francisco. Verizon offered us $1,500 per month. With Alex’s involvement, we now receive $3,000 per month.

Mohammed, San Rafael, California


We were approached to putting antennas on our rooftop. Not knowing a clue about the business, we reached out to MST. We don’t hire just anyone to represent. After ten phone calls and two months of speaking with Main Stream Telecom, I want to thank them for helping us, especially Alex. His patience and understanding of the business was why we chose his company over the others. I especially like the fact that they didn’t charge a dollar until the job was done.

Edward, Charlotte, North Carolina


I hired Main Stream Telecom to work with Crown Castle on my cell tower and Mickey and Alex got more money than I knew what to do with (LOL). I am extremely thankful and they couldn’t have done a better job.

Angela, Winter Garden, Florida